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Dr. Natasha Ball is an unique & dynamic experienced professional with over 18 years in the Education and Public Policy/Administration fields. Within her professional life Dr. Natasha has worked in various capacities supervising and working alongside a diverse group of individuals. These positions have instilled within her a strong sense of leadership and teamwork. Early in her career she gained an understanding of how to perform as a leader, while including and meeting the needs of those one supervises. Each position proved to be a learning and growing experience, which provides a solid, well-rounded foundation necessary for her to be a successful educator.

Throughout her graduate and undergraduate matriculation, many opportunities for new experiences have presented themselves to Dr. Natasha. As an undergraduate, at Spelman College, she majored in Political Science with a minor in English and continued on to receive a Master’s of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University, while teaching full-time. This educational background led to a Program Specialist position with the Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning and a position as an Adjunct Professor at Gwinnett Technical College. Following these positions, Dr. Natasha performed as a Scholar Support Program Manager and Scholarship Administrator, for seven years where she supported over 2,000 students as they transitioned from high school to college. Much of her work surrounded program/project management and college success as well as ensuring scholarship policies were implemented and adhered to by all recipients.

The experience garnered in as a Scholar Support Program Manager then led to her role as a Director of Higher Education Partnerships/Director of Academic Success (Teens, College and Careers), where she continued my work in college readiness and success in a national arena. In the spirit of personal development and always looking forward to expanding her knowledge base, she continued her education receiving a 3.93 GPA and successfully completed the Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration program at Walden University. Within this program, her primary focus was Education and Urban Policy, which helped inform the direction in which she took her courses as an Adjunct Professor at Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

While performing as an Adjunct Professor, Dr. Natasha became an Education Specialist with the Atlanta Public Schools. In this capacity, she was the building leader and oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Whitefoord Early Learning Academy. This role required her to train and support educators districtwide during professional development sessions as well as maintain the expectations of the successful functioning of the building. Additionally, during this time she had the pleasure of overseeing the districtwide summer transition program and supervised teachers across 5 different schools. This current educational leadership experience is one which laid the necessary foundation for her recent board appointment as an Assistant Principal within the Clayton County Public Schools.

Dr. Natasha is often looking for opportunities to share her experiences with others and pour back into the youth. A strong proponent for inclusion and diversity, she strives to ensure equality is top of mind when working with students and encourages educators to always practice responsive teaching. Dr. Natasha subscribes to the motto: To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required; which shows in her daily life.  


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